An Introduction to Chinese Kung Fu

With Mark Entwistle
Sunday 13 May 2007, 1.00-4.00pm, at The Studio on the Green

Wing Chun Kuen, or as it translates ‘Beautiful Springtime Boxing’, was the martial art the young Bruce Lee first learned in Hong Kong, and later went on to use as the foundation for his own martial art of Jeet Kune Do.

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to this most effective and efficient of styles, the origins of which stretch back to the Buddhist nun Ng Mui and the famous Shaolin school of martial arts.

As such, it relies not on brute strength and agression, but on energy, relaxation, economy of motion and the centreline theory.

The workshop will introduce the student to the art’s three empty hand forms, pole form, wooden dummy form and chi sau ‘sticking hands’ practice, as well as basic self-defence striking and blocking drills.

Teaching the workshop will be Mark Entwistle, a brown sash level instructor and the Scottish Borders representative for Yip Man lineage Wing Chun master, Paul O’Neal.

Master O’Neal, who teaches full-time at his school in Newcastle’s Chinatown, is a third generation lineage master taught in Hong Kong by the two sons of the late grandmaster Yip Man - the teacher of Bruce Lee.

Cost: £10 (ages 16 an over)
Please wear loose and comfortable clothing and light trainers (non-marking soles) or sand shoes. If there is enough interest we shall begin a regular class at The Studio.

Please enrol for this workshop in advance.

For further information or to arrange a place, phone 01750 21997 or e-mail us at


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