Haining Dreaming (YES Arts Festival 2013)
12th - 15th September 2013
Further information on the Yes Arts Festival is available at www.yesartsfestival.co.uk.
Haining Dreaming was a site-specific promenade performance at the Haining House in Selkirk as part of the inaugural YES Arts Festival. 79 community and professional dancers and musicians took part in 3 performances to sell-out audiences in September.

A haunted house reveals the ghosts and their stories from the past in one social evening of dance and music. Meet the soldiers stationed at The Haining from WW1 and WW2, investigate the wild animals, the wolves and the bears bought to welcome a Russian Princess, be charmed by the poets who recite the poetry of local legend Sir Walter Scott, be enticed by the wild party girls of the 1920's and be educated by the strict governess and her groups of young children. And meet the 'disconsolate dandy' a well loved man, who tragically never married the special Russian princess. But the house wants to repair the past, and draws in a local girl, Katy, who starts to believe she is part of the house and its history. Its up to the audience to remind her where she is really from- 'The Toon'!

You can watch films of the performance here:
3 -minute edit
12-minute edit
Full version (60 minutes)

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