Further Information

The Modbury website www.plasticbagfree.com

Informative short films about plastic pollution www.messageinthewaves.com

Fantastic film about Marine Pollution
'Synthetic Sea' (7 minutes long) from the Algalita Marine Research Foundation www.algalita.org

General information about plastic - Plastic Facts

The Marine Conservation Society is a UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shore and wildlife. They hold a list on their website of all the towns and regions in Britain working to go Plastic Bag Free www.mcsuk.org

The Selkirk Reusable Bag supplier www.bags2keep.co.uk

The Scottish supplier of Cornstarch Bags www.biobags.co.uk

Supplier of String Bags www.turtlebags.co.uk and Hinnigan, 18 Market Place, Selkirk www.hinnigan.net

Supplier of SFC Paper Bags www.carrierbagshop.co.uk

Supplier of Cornstarch food containers and food wraps www.londonbiopackaging.com

Supplier of Bio Floristry wrapping materials www.jetsupplies.co.uk

Press Coverage of Selkirk's Plastic Bag Free Campaign

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